Thanks, Lhunath!

Do you use an app I've made, integrated a library I wrote, learned from a book of mine or received my help with a problem?

Do you want to contribute to the maintenance or support the development of some of the new things I'm working on?

There are a few ways for you to show your appreciation:

Just say "thanks"

Send me a message. Tell me your story and how something I created helped you out. I love hearing how real people are making real use from my free stuff.

I do what I do to contribute my knowledge and experience to the world. You don't owe me anything for using it, but a friendly word is always nice to read.

, or connect using Google+ or Twitter.

Become a Sponsor

I'm an adament believer in making "free" stuff. When I say "free", I generally mean "freedom" to do with as you please. I usually prefer to make my things available for free (gratis) as well, since that's just the natural way of things. Sadly, that doesn't mean I can just keep on working with no return. I have a family to maintain and three adorable children to feed and shelter.

If you believe in my abilities, my work, my products and my beliefs: become a sponsor. Sponsors contribute monthly giving me a guaranteed source of income so I can keep doing the things I'm doing, full-time and without having to revert to the greedy capitalistic way of things.

I've got some awesome things in the pipeline, and I need your contribution to make them reality. You don't need to contribute a lot, though the more you're willing to put in and the more friends you're able to tell, the sooner I'll be able to devote myself full-time to making everyone free amazing stuff.

I have a very active relationship with all my sponsors and they're all intimately involved in the final result of my products.

You can contribute via a monthly , or a weekly GitTip gift.

Gift me something!

If you'd rather not commit to a regular contribution, don't send me money! Send me a present instead! Presents are so much nicer than a random glob of money.

There's lots of stuff you could send me to say thanks. I enjoy all sorts of techy things, but also thoughtful or just pretty things.

For instance, you could peruse my Amazon wish list or gift me a cheap DRM-free game.